Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sacred Marriage Chapter 2

I really enjoyed this chapter as it starts to get into the meat of the book. I think my post will be short and sweet as I am already behind with posting with the rest of the group.

Here is what stood out most to me. We view marriage so much for its worldly purpose to make us happy and fulfill our needs. However this is not how God has intended it. Now don't get me wrong he does want marriage to do those things for us but above that our marriage should bring glory to God. I have never really view my marriage as a ministry or evangelism opportunity to others, but after reading this chapter I feel we are greatly failing by not making it one. Throughout the bible God compares his relationship to the church to that of a husband and wife. Wow if that is not pressure. We are to love our mate unconditionally and put them before ourselves. If we live our marriage to truly glorify God how can it not bring us anything more than great happiness? I have been challenged by this to show God more through my relationship with my spouse to the world, but I think even more importantly than that is to show God in my marriage to my children. If they don't see this model at home where can we expect them to see it. I know God has given me such a great blessing in my marriage and it is time that I use that to the betterment of his kingdom.

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Cheryl E. said...

Great post. I too never thought of my marriage in that light. This Gary guy totally makes sense. Dont know why I never thought of this before. :)