Friday, April 18, 2008

Counting Down the Days

Only 6 more days!

Aaron and I decided to make a move last October to the place that is so special to us both-South Carolina-where we met and fell in love. After 9 months in New Jersey we felt that it was time for a change and headed south. Now we are about to take another big step in our life and buy our first home. I am so excited!!!! It is brand new and beautiful! It has been a whirl-wind experience. We decided at the beginning of March we should look to buy a home since our lease was up in our apartment. We started looking for cheap foreclosures but could not find anything in a location where we wanted. We found a really nice neighborhood in Easley, that we would love to upgrade to in a few years, we knew it was out of our price range. If you know anything about Aaron when it comes to money and a big purchase he researches every penny and every angle. He soon learned the dream neighborhood had many incentives and price breaks to keep the houses moving-so we decided to take a look. Well God has provided and the neighborhood that we thought we could not afford is now where our first home will be. We close Thursday April 24th. I am so excited-as I said before.

I have learned a lot through this process. 1-I have an amazing husband. I knew this before but it has been reaffirmed everyday through this process. Aaron would be happy living in a run down fixer upper as long as he could sell it in a few years for a profit. However, he knows I have different desires and has sacrificed for my dreams. I love how he has made sure we are getting the best deal and not being taken advantage of during this process. He is so smart. 2-God is always faithful and makes what seems to be impossible possible. 3-I am so truely blessed.

We can't wait to have our friends over for cookouts and Tiger fans for the weekend during football season. There is plenty of space so if you are ever in the upstate you always have a place to stay!

Monday, April 7, 2008


So blogging is something new that I am going to give a try. I am not making any promises that this will be funny or interesting, just a way for Aaron and I to share with everyone what is going on in our lives.