Thursday, March 10, 2011

29 Week Update

I know I have done a terrible job of documenting all that has been going on in this pregnancy, but really it has been so uneventful that there has not been much to write so far.

This past weekend was full of celebration for Jackson and Riggs. Saturday Staci hosted a shower that was absolutely perfect in every way. I am really thinking she should go into party planning instead of accounting-though I am not sure what Jon would think about that! Here are some pictures of the fun day!

Treats for the guest to take home.
The food table.
Some of the guest.
Jackson's Quilt made by Auntie Staci!
Riggs' Quilt made by Auntie Staci!
The Hostess with the Mostest!

Sunday was another fun shower put on by the ladies at church. Aaron and I have been so blessed by Holland Park Church and they truly showered us with love on Sunday. At both showers the babies were spoiled by all!

My parents, Melissa, Luke and Grayson all came in for the weekend. It was hectic but fun to share in this time with them all. Siri was in Texas recruiting for Clemson Soccer we missed having her here with us.

After a fun filled weekend Aaron and I had one more treat in store for the week-on Wednesday we had another Ultrasound. Since we are having twins in this last push we will get them at least every four weeks so they can check the growth of each twin and make sure one is not growing substantially more than the other. Ours are perfect. Riggs is weighing 3 lbs 2 oz (56 percentile) and Jackson is 3 lbs 1 oz (54 percentile)-there is only a 1% difference between the two of them and they are right on average for growth that this stage. I love Beth our Ultrasound tech, she always gets so excited and after she is done with the measurements for the doctors she switches to 3D and 4D so we can better see our little ones. It was amazing to see how much they had developed from 4 weeks ago. We also tried to see if Jackson had webbed toes like his daddy but we could not tell. She also told us that Riggs has more hair than her brother, so maybe they will not be bald like Aaron was for two years. Here are some pictures of our photo shoot!

Our little contortionist. Jackson with his knees in his face.
Sweet Riggs with her had in front of her face.

Long update for a great week. The doctor said they are both doing great and everything is going as perfect as it could be at this time. She also told me that they will not let me go past 38 weeks which gave me a sigh of relief but also put a little panic in us-we are down to 8.5 weeks tops SINGLE DIGITS. There is lots to do to prepare for their arrival!