Friday, July 13, 2012

Getting Out with Twins-For MoMs by MoMs

Today I am linking back up with my fellow Moms of Multiples to talk about getting out with twins.

I feel this is something we have always done pretty well. We were on the go before them and while we have slowed down some we have tried to not let them change the things we like to do too much. Since the twins were little we were on the go. I was home with them for 11 weeks after they come home from the NICU and once we were settled we had no problem taking them out. We found that all 4 of us or 3 if Aaron was at school were much happier if we did not sit at home all day.

Now I will note I had spring babies so we didn't have to worry about germs so much-I know if you have winter babies it is a lot harder to get out because so much sickness is going around and it is cold.

While it was not always easy we found with a little planning it worked well for us.

First I would pack the diaper bag with many many bottles, at least one more set than I thought I would need in case we were out longer than expected. If I had more than a few things to do, the trusty pump would come along as well-I was not beyond sitting in a parking lot pumping so we could accomplish everything we needed to. I found as long as they could eat when needed they were pretty content. We live about 30 minutes out of our big city so it was important we do it all at one time.

As they have gotten older it has gotten more difficult but we still do our best to make sure we are not stuck between the 4 walls of our house. While they are harder to manage physically the preparation is less. Just 2 sippy cups and some snacks-along with the normal diaper bag stuff and we are out the door.

Just remember to be flexible and know your plans might change if someone is having a tough day. The one thing I have found is you have to decide what is worth getting two babies in and out of the car to accomplish. When they were in the carries and I could grab those and plop in the snap-n-go it was much easier to make multiple stops. Now that we have to be strapped in and out and the car seat and stroller it is more cumbersome. We try and do a lot of errands on Sunday's after church when we are together so it is not left to one of us.

If you have twins find what works for you, but don't feel it is impossible to get out with them you can do it and I think you will be glad you did once you figure out your routine!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Walking 2.0

Jackson finally decided to join in the fun and surprised us all last week when he started to walk. He is still not 100% sure about it but will take off and go until he falls, at which point he goes back to his super-human crawl. He is so cute, his legs don't really bend so he has a bit of a Frankenstein look.

I really think having two walkers will make life easier, they were already everywhere so this does not change their mobility too much.