Friday, September 23, 2011

So Long Swaddle

Well we have survived an event I was surely dreading. Riggs no longer sleeps in her miracle blanket swaddle. She is our active child and was breaking free and rolling over and then laying with her face in the free parts of the blanket. We knew we had to make a change for her safety. We did one night with one arm out and then went all off the next night and she has slept as well as ever. For two night she got up at 4 but she did the sometimes with the swaddle. Last night we had our first unswaddled full night of sleep. In this effort we have also removed her bumpers since she is a mover. We would find her head in the corner and this was just a bit unsettling. I do worry about he bumping into the wood in her crib but I guess a few bumps is better than her smushing her face into her bumpers.

This new arrangement has made some comical mornings when I go in to get her up. Yesterday she was hanging on to the spindles like monkey bars and this morning her arm was hanging out the side. I do miss going in and see the bumpers that I spent a lot of time and money on but her safety is more important than either of those.

We are still working on Jackson. He does not move much in his sleep and does not roll over yet so we do not have any safety concerns with him. We did start trying to ween him with Riggs but he loves to pull his paci out which wakes him up. The other night it took Aaron 1.5 hours to get him to sleep because of this. So for now he is still enjoying his little cocoon.

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Heather said...

Both my girls ended their swaddling days at about 8 weeks. They would both get their arms out and at least one foot.