Monday, September 26, 2011

Praying for Strangers

Sunday we had our annual ladies breakfast during Bible Class time. This is really a neat day as ALL of the women of the church are able to attend and the men step up and cover the children's classes. What a great act of service this is to the ladies.

This year we had River Jordan as our guest speaker, she is the author of Praying for Strangers. I have to admit I went into this with many preconceived notions I thought this was going to be some kind of free spirit lady who played with crystals etc. OK maybe I am being a bit dramatic but I did think it would be weird. Well I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and I really enjoyed her talk. River explained how this idea started as a New Years Resolution and then told us of some of the stories in her book. How every day the Holy Spirit would guide her to her stranger that she would pray for. At first she did this privately and then she started to tell people that she would be praying for them that evening and many times they would tell her exactly why God had led her to them. My favorite was the the one about the Kentucky Lady at the bus station. River quickly told her that she would be praying for her and the lady then told know I just finish praying for all these people and at the end I ask God is there anyone in this entire world praying for me? WOW!

I am still processing the morning and how God is going to use this in my life but I thought it was so amazing and such a great concept that I wanted to share. You can go here to see more of River's story and learn more about her book.

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