Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh I Love to Pat the Bible...

the bible the bible...oh I love to pat the bible with hands God gave me...
Look at them holding hands! I love it!
 Sunday we took the twins to their very first cradle roll class at church. They have been going to class with us since they were about 6 weeks old-normally during class time they were eating or sleeping so this worked great. The last few weeks they have been a little more restless so we decided they were ready to go to their own class at 4.5 months old.
Jackson excited to be in Bible Class!
Trying to figure it all out!
Our little princess getting in her seat! Riggs loves singing!
They both look so eager in this picture and they have their own Bibles!
Singing Pat the Bible for the first time with their teacher Ms. Liz.
This was the perfect week-it was promotion Sunday for all of the kids at church so they got to move up as well.
The big kids at church signing songs before going to their new class
 I love our church and they have an amazing children's program. I am so excited to watch Jackson and Riggs grow up in this setting. Aaron and I feel it is very important to make this a part of their life at such a young age, teaching them to love and obey the Lord. They seemed so excited to be in their class with other little friends. I didn't get paged so I guess they meant they did OK-I kind of wanted to stand outside and watch them through the window but I refrained. I can't wait until they are older and they can tell us about what they learned on our way home from church.

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Catherine said...

Good grief, your kids are precious! Oh, and those little tables they have that babies sit in are SO cool!