Wednesday, January 5, 2011

20 Weeks

Well I guess it is time to update since we are at least half way through this pregnancy. Since it is twins I am hoping I have less than 20 weeks to go. I thought I would update more during this but so far it has been really uneventful. I have been so blessed to not have ANY sickness. I know there are many mothers out their that want to punch me, but I have a feeling that my pay back will come at the end when I am so big I can barely move.

We did find out that we are having a precious little boy and a precious little girl last week. Aaron and I were over the moon. While we would have been happy with any combination this is what we really wanted. They are doing well and growing right along. Find out their sexes has made them seem so much more real it is crazy. Also it has helped that they now have names so they are no longer Baby A and Baby B. Our son is Jackson Everett and our daughter is Riggs Ainsley. It feels so great to say their names when we talk to them or about them. Neither name has any historical significance to us, just names we felt were perfect for our little peanuts.

We are so anxious to meet them but are glad we still have a few more months to prepare. This week I have been trying to find fabric for the nursery. I never knew it would be so hard to find coordinating fabrics for a boy and a girl. I think I finally have found what we are going to use but we are still deciding. I will share that once we purchase everything!

Also we have been so blessed by my sister with all of her hand-me-downs. With two of her own they are done having kids and are ready to rid their house or items out grown. We came back from Christmas with a swing, bouncy seats, bath tub, breast pump and other items. I am most excited to get Grayson's clothes for our Riggs. G will be about 11 months older so we are excited that we might never need to buy her any clothes. Also I have a girl at work who has GB twins that will be about 9 months older and she told me she will see what she can pass along as well. We are so blessed and God is providing in ways we were not expecting for their needs before they even arrive.