Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2 Little Heart Beats

One year ago today my husband and I we sitting at the doctor's office waiting for our first ultrasound to see the baby we had longed for. The ultrasounds started and immediately we knew something was different. I don't remember the doctors exact comment but it was something along the lines of that is interesting and my immediate response was there are two aren't there? His quick response was that we should play the lottery as there was less than a 6% chance this would be the outcome with the medication I had taken. I really don't remember much else from the ultrasound. I know we saw two healthy hearts beating and I am sure we heard them but for the rest of the appointment I was digesting the amazing news we had just been given.

Aaron and I had a quick lunch at Burger King after the appointment and then he had to go to school. He called me on his way there and asked me if that had really happened. It took a while for it to sink it but it is definitely the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us.

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