Monday, September 19, 2011

How 'bout them Tigers!

WooHooWooHooHooHoo C-L-E-M-S-O-N

Saturday Aaron and I got to go to the Clemson game without the babies. My parents came in Friday night and kept Jackson and Riggs so we would enjoy the game. We started out early to head to my sister's since it was a noon game. Once we parked we went tailgate hopping. We had 3 groups; Aaron's grad school friends, our neighbors and Staci's brother; all within 3 rows and a few spots of one another-what are the chances of that with the thousands of people that come to watch the Tigers play. We hung out there until around 11 an then headed to the stadium to find our seats. We were in the West End Zone sitting in my sisters seats-with about 25 minutes left in warm up Siri was able to acquire to pregame field passes for us so we were able to spend the rest of pregame on the sidelines. It was exciting to experience the 25 most exciting seconds from that vantage point as the Tigers rubbed the rock and ran down the infamous hill into Death Valley.

Tigers running down the hill

This game was especially huge since we were playing Auburn the reigning national champions, who were still riding their undefeated streak from last season. The game began in typical Clemson fashion with Auburn scoring two unanswered touchdown. The first quarter seemed to drag on forever with little excitement, but by the end of the half the tigers were able to tie the game at 21-21.

Sea of Orange!
We left the stadium at half for a quick run to the car. Upon our return we almost got run over by an ADA golf cart as we were crossing the street in a crosswalk. I am tempted to call IPTAY on Monday and report this driver. The same one almost ran us over earlier in the day. As we were walking back to the stadium we hear the glorious sound of the cannon and the Clemson Tigers pulled ahead for the first time. The second half was much more exciting than the first and the Clemson Tigers were able to pull off a 34-24 VICTORY!!!

Final play of the game!

Meet at the paw post game.

Aaron and I had a fun day with enjoying all of the festivities in Tiger Town! It was exciting to see the tigers play and win as everyone knew they could. Can't wait until next weekend when we take on FSU-we are not sure if we will make it out to the game but no matter what we will be cheering on the Tigers.

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