Sunday, September 18, 2011

5 Months-September 13th 2011

How can my little babies be 5 months already? Time is going by so fast. I am always excited for the next stage but I can't believe how fast we are getting to each, I wish I could slow time down so I could savor each day and memory to the fullest.

Since we don't go to the doctor again until next month we don't have any official stats but you both are growing so big and healthy-everyone comments on how big you have gotten.

Your personality has come out so much this month you love to smile and giggle. Daddy is the best at making you laugh those big deep belly laughs-it is so adorable and you can always make me smile. You are still pretty laid back but when you get mad or upset watch out-you can out cry the best of them. You have started to startle easily especially by sneezes-you have freaked out on me and Staci when we sneezed around you. This month you got your cranial helmet and you are doing so good with it. It really does not seem to bother you at all which I am so thankful for. We can already see an improvement in your head shape, it is amazing how quickly it is working. You are wearing size 1-2 diapers but should really be in size 2 now, I think I will have to move you up this week. In clothes you are wearing a wide range from 0-3, 3 months and 3-6 months. In sleepers you are definitely out of 0-3 due to your length. You have started to enjoy the jump-a-roo and really jump around when you are in there. You are not rolling yet but I can see that is not far away. You continue to do amazing at physical therapy each week, however this was our last week with Amanda she is now on maternity leave so next week you will start with a new therapist. Unfortunately you got your first sun burn this month right under your eyes (there goes our parent of the year award) daddy and I felt so terrible but you seemed to just take it in stride. You are still eating 6 ounces every 3-4 hours with a few snacks needed in between some days. You are sleeping through the night, praise the Lord. Naps are still spotting but because of the previous statement we let that slide. I guess the big news for you this month is that we can see the white tips of you 2 front bottom teeth-no biting your sister big boy!

You are such a princess and sometimes a bit of a drama queen-but we love it. You have so much personality you love to give big smiles. You can cry and laugh at the same time. I am not sure how you accomplish that but it brings comic relief to your melt downs. You love to make noise and talk, sometimes in the morning after you eat and I put you back in your crib I can hear you down stairs-you have not found your inside voice yet! You are our big roller now-you first rolled over on August 26th. For a few days after that you flipped from your back to your stomach immediately when you were laid down-then you decided you were kind of over it and now you are rolling both ways multiple times. You are never still. I will be feeding you a bottle and you will be flipped over with you head craned back-I must say it is an interesting way for you to eat. You love the jump-a-roo and are quite the good jumper. You love your brother and try to interact with him-he is still trying to figure you out. You are a droll machine, your clothes are never dry. You have not cut any teeth but I know they are coming soon. You are still in a size 1 diaper but are in your last days of this size and need to move completely to 1/2 diapers. You are predominately wearing size 0-3 and 3 month clothes but are quickly out growing your sleepers in length. We still love our hairbows-you look so pretty in them and very seldom pull them off-this makes a momma happy! You sleep through the night 90% of the time. You just went through a stretch where you woke up around 3 or 4 but I think/hope that is over. You have become the houdini and are out of your swaddle most mornings-I don't know what to do about this. You sleep so well in it but I am afraid it is no longer the answer.

We love you babies more and more everyday. I always knew I wanted to be a mommy but I never imagined how truly great it would be. You make our lives such much better and so much more purposeful. There is not anything we wouldn't do for you kids. We love you to the moon and back.

You can quickly see Jackson is my more compliant subject as I have many more outtakes from Riggs.

J trying to figure out what the giant pink think on R's head is.


A Scrappy Design said...

So cute! I can only imagine how my girls are going to be at 5 months. They already keep me on my toes! :)

Catherine said...

Love their little blue jeans. And those tights on Riggs kill me! So cute! I wonder how long you'll be able to put them on her before she screams at you (that's what I did to my Mom... hated tights!)