Tuesday, September 13, 2011

365 Days

One year ago today was one of the happiest days of my life. After 11 months of trying to conceive we finally got the two pink lines we were waiting for.

Here is my recap from an earlier post... 

I woke up early that morning and went downstairs to take the test so I didn't wake up Aaron. After waiting those very long minutes I finally saw what I had waited so long to see for the last 11 months...two pink lines. I ran up stairs bawling. Poor Aaron had no idea what was going on. Our bedroom was pitch black and I woke him from a sound sleep and handed him the test. He was not sure if I was happy or sad all he knew was I was crying. Finally he saw what I did and we both knew that our life had changed forever.

While we had desired so deeply to become pregnant sooner we have learned through this season that God's plan is greater than ours and his timing is always perfect. If we had become any sooner we might not have had twins and then we wouldn't have our perfect pair.

365 Days ago I found out I was pregnant and today I have two perfect 5 month olds.

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Mindy said...

Yeah for reminders of God's faithfulness!