Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Clemson Football Game

Saturday we set off for a long day in Clemson. While we were only there for about 8 hours I felt like we were packing for a trip. We left the house with 2 cute babies, a double stroll, a can of formula, 4 outfits, bottles of water, 12 bottles (8 big-4 small), many diapers and wipes, a cooler and other ancillary items to help us get through the day.

We started out with an alumni tailgate for the Clemson women's soccer team. It was great to catch up with former players and reminisce about the old days. We have about 20 players come back for the weekend. We are hoping that we can rekindle the alumni spirit and get more back every year.
Former lady tigers!

Little Man chillin at the tailgate.

Riggs taking a pre-game nap.

Jackson and Daddy resting up for the big game.

About an hour before kick off we headed over to my sisters office to drop off our load of stuff we might need during the game-Siri is the Women's Soccer Assitant Coach. We sunscreened up the babies strapped them on us in the b'jorns and headed to Death Valley. Once we got in the stadium we quickly found our seats and were relieved to find that we were completely in the shade. If this had not been the case I am not sure if we would have made it more than 10 minutes.

And then the twins were able to experience their very first time watching the 25 most exciting seconds in pregame football-The Clemson Tigers rubbing the rock and running down the hill into the stadium.

Jackson and Riggs seemed to enjoy the energy in the stadium for a little bit but the day had worn them out. They were quickly taking naps amongst all the commotion. We made it through the first half but all 4 of us were hot and out of steam so we headed back to my sisters office and finished watch the game in the AC.  While the team did not play great they were able to pull out the big W in the end.
First family photo in the stadium.

Mommy and Riggs self portrait

All tuckered out.
Our little tigers!

Riggs watching the game on TV

Riggs stealing Jackson's paci.
We had a great but exhausting day in Tigertown. We were excited to take the twins to their first game but Nana and Granddaddy will be coming to watch them for the Auburn game so we can go and relax!

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Catherine said...

So cute! Can never start 'em too early, right? We're taking our son this weekend. Where did you get those Tiger faces? Are they bibs? neato!