Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bookstore Date

Friday Aaron and I got out for a much needed date night. Staci was sweet enough to watch the twins so we could get away for a bit. We wanted to do something fun and cheap that would not keep us out late. I started looking at numerous blogs to find ideas and finally decided on a Bookstore Date. I found many great ideas for this and finally decided to use the below list for adventure.

Unfortunately I don't remember which site this came from to give the appropriate credit.  
 We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Chipotle and then headed over to Barnes and Nobles for a little fun.

Here is how our rounds played out...

Round 1:
We both chose the same recipe from the Soby's cookbook-Pork Tenderloin. Soby's is a locale restaurant that has published an amazing cook book, this is one of our favorite places to go when we are looking for a special night out. The pork is both of ours favorites so I was not surprised that was the case.

For the future date night we both picked games, Aaron a book on how to play Poker and I found some fun card games in the center section. I had a hard time finding date idea books so I had to be creative.

For the final event of this round Aaron picked a book that had accountant jokes which was appropriate since he is in the midst of taking the CPA exam and looking for a job as a public accountant. I found a book of jokes about family things-nothing great but we had fun reading through some of them

After round 1 the bookstore started to get a little crowded and also they were putting in a new fixture in the middle of the store so things were very discombobulated. We played a modified round 2.

Round 2:
Picture of a place we would like to visit. I picked Italy. Aaron ran out of time before finding one but he says he was thinking Italy as well.

Children's Book.
Aaron picked Shel Silversteins Light in the Attic I wish we had more time where we could have set and read some of the poems, maybe next time. I picked Go Dog Go. I can't say this was my favorite book as a child but in a recent conversation between us Aaron said he had never heard of it much to my dismay. I did learn something new...I thought this was a Seuss book but learned that is not the case.

After this we decided it was time to head home to rescue Staci and put our little bits to bed. We had fun just hanging out and being silly.

I can't wait to have another date night. What is something fun you  have done on a date before?

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Heather said...

How fun! I love Shel Silverstein...I have 'Where the Sidewalk Ends' It's my favorite!