Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jackson's Helmet Update

On Tuesday Jackson had is first scan since getting his helmet-you can read about the first appointment here. Aaron and I have felt he was making great progress so we were excited to see where he was measuring.

Aaron took him for this appointment and called me after to tell me his head differential was at 11.7mm and the orthotist could not be happier with his progress. To put this into perspective 0-5mm is considered normal, 5-10 is mild, 10-15 is moderate and anything above 15 is sever. Jackson we around a 19-20 when we started this process and in 6 weeks he is almost in the mild category. They did tell Aaron they don't think he will have as drastic process over the next few weeks but think they can get him to around a 6. We were so excited to see his helmet is helping make the improvements we were hoping for. They also said once he gets to an 8 it is up to us if he needs to continue to wear it. I think at this point we are of the opinion that if he is not rolling and such we will keep it on him. Also we want to get it as low as possible so if he does regress any then it well still be in the mild category.

We are so thankful for this medical intervention to help reshape our little buddy's head. We are also amazed with how well he has handles this. It has not seemed to bother him one bit and it has given little girl a new infatuation-she loves his helmet.

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