Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumkintown, Low Country Boil & More

We had a busy weekend full of many fun family activities. We opted not to go to Clemson for homecoming and partake in those festivities but had many other options to make it excited. Be warned this is a post of many many pictures!

Saturday morning started out slow as Aaron went to work for a bit and I stayed home and played with my favorite twins, did laundry and made pumpkin bread.
Riggs on their new play mat.
Dueling Jump-A-Roos!
 Later in f the afternoon the Wiggains came to our house then we headed out to the Pumkintown festival. Yes there is really a town in South Carolina named Pumpkintown.

 It was a cultural experience to say the least. We were not sure what to expect and I think that is a good thing because I cam not sure this is what we would have pictured. There were a few pumpkins but not many. Mostly it was vendors set up at tents selling their goods. There was everything from smocked dress to marshmallow shooters to redneck wine glasses (a mason jar turned into a wine glass-as they lady said it had a lid so no open container!). Oh I should have taken more pictures. In the entertainment area there was square dancing, blue grass and pole climbing. I have never seen more shirts talking about ammo or had more smoke blown in my sweet babes face (I protected them best I could). I have to say may favorite ignorant people making fun of Jackson's helmet. I think it was better that momma was not around and daddy had him when this happened. All in all we still had fun on our outing to Pumpkintown.

After this we headed over to a couple's condo that we go to church with for a low country boil. It was amazing.

They put this on for our home builders group (the 20 and 30 somethings) and we had so much fun-there were about 50 of us in attendance and we put a major hurtin' on the food. Tommy and Melinda were so generous to to provide this for us.

Riggs had a rough night Saturday night and was screaming (I mean screaming) when it was time to go to bed. I am not sure if it was teething or her tummy but I was finally about to get her to settle down but laying her face down on my legs. After doing this she was out in about 5 seconds. I thought this picture was too funny not to post.

Sunday we got and headed to church for a time of praise and worship. We were there a little early so I snapped some pictures of the twins in their class. I love that we have such a great children's program and the babies are able to start learning about Jesus at such a young age.

That afternoon we made a last minute decision to head over to the Clemson Church of Christ annual pig pickin'. This where Aaron and I went to church in college and the first few years after we moved back to SC. It was so great to see so many of our friends and of course to be able to show off the twins to many we have not seen since they were born. The food and fellowship was great and Jackson and Riggs got to ride a real pony.

Delicious Chicken!

Jackson on his pony ride.
Riggs on her pony ride.
Riggs telling Daddy she wants a pony!
The double twin hold is getting a lot harder as they get bigger.
 We had a fun weekend full of many great activities. We are going to rest up this weekend because next is even busier. What did you do this weekend?


Staci said...

ummm the best part of your weekend was that I was there obviously!
anyways...they have redneck wine glasses at razzberry fizz too. Evidently they are a big hit! (we could make some, I'm sure they would make fantastic christmas gifts). My parents reminded me on the way home that we had gone to Pumkintown when Jonathan and I were younger. I didn't remember until she told me about all the vendors...Jonathan got a rubber-band can imagine how that turned out.

Heather said...

Wow, that was a busy weekend! Looked like a lot of fun though. :)