Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thing 1 & Thing 2

This year for Halloween the twins were Thing 1 and Thing 2. I had originally gotten them a tiger and a duck costume but I kept coming back to the Things. While it might be a little cliche what is more perfect for twins? I loved how their costumes turned out. I got some red onesies and sewed on the appropriate applique for each. Jackson was really easy he just needed some red pants and his blue helmet was the perfect hair. For Riggs I wanted to priss hers up at bit so we went with a giant teal bow, some cute red with white polkadot tights with a red tutu.

We had a full weekend of activities centered around Halloween. On Friday my office had Trick or Treating for the kids. It was fun to bring them in and show them off to everyone. We did learn one very important lesson always take the stroller especially when you will be traipsing through 7 floors in 3 different buildings. Aaron and I were completely exhausted by the end of this adventure.

On Saturday our church had Trunk 'r Treat for our kids and those in the community. I think it was a huge success. We had 38 Trunks and approximately 150-200 little Treaters come through and we know of at least one family that was at church on Sunday that came on Saturday. The kids of all ages had a lot of fun the only down fall was that it was cold and windy. The twins ended up spending a good bit of time inside to stay warm.

On Sunday night was went to our friends church that we used to frequent on Sunday nights and had another round of Trunk or Treat. The twins racked up on some good candy which I guess means mommy and daddy did as well.

The twins and some friends. Last Halloween there was only the Star. What a difference a year makes!
 On Monday we decided the twins had had enough Halloween festivities and we went out to dinner with some friends for pizza.

I think they had a fun first Halloween!

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Amanda said...

Love love this! Emma and Levi are so being thing one and thing two next year!! Also it is so funny that Jackson is bigger just like Levi! Oh these boys!