Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Big One-Birthday Party!

It seems when there are big events I miss blogging about them. I think because there is so much going on and I get so behind and feel like it is too late to catch up. I didn't want this to be the case with the twins first birthday party. So even though this was over a month ago I want to share about this very special event in our family!

If you go back here you will see that the twins birthday didn't go quite as planned due to a little sickness but we were able to still have a fun family party that night. Two weeks later we finally had the party I had planned for for pretty much the last year. I am going to warn you there will probably be an overload of pictures. But I am sure they can tell the story of the day better than I.

Their party was pretty much DIY for me and Staci. If I could make it or design it I did. I wanted to have such a special day and by doing this I was able to afford more.

I went with more of a color scheme and polka dots than a theme. Having boy/girl twins limits what you can do somewhat, but I loved how it all turned out.

Birthday Banner!


Custom label water bottles!

Fence decorations!

Front Door Wreath!

Cupcake Topper!

Riggs' Birthday Book!

Jackson's Birthday Book!
As I look through these I notice there are a lot of things missing that I am hoping my dad got pictures of, however he is difficult to get pictures from, so maybe one day I will be able to share those!

We had lots of yummy finger food and what first birthday is not complete without smash cakes? The twins had fun making a mess and getting a rare treat of sugar!

My sweet birthday twins!

Happy JackJack!

Blue faced Riggs!

I love this one of Riggs in action!

We had lots of fun with family and friends. Our crowd ended up being a little smaller than we originally due to the change in date, but I think it was still a good time where we were able to celebrate such huge blessings in our life.

Granddaddy playing with his 4 grandkids!

Water table fun with our cousins and our friend George!
A few of our friends who came to celebrate!


Amanda said...

Everything looks awesome!!! You did such a good job momma!

Mrs. Howard said...

We are in major party planning mode for our twins and I love all your ideas!

Kelly said...

Great party! I love your wreath!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

you did such a good job!! love the colors!