Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Jackson & Riggs!!

Last Friday the twins turned ONE! I am still trying to figure out how this is possible, it does not seem like it has been a year since they were born-then yet again I can't remember what it was like without them.

As you might have read our plans were a little altered for the weekend when Riggs came down with Hand, Foot & Mouth on Thursday, then Jackson followed on Saturday. Their big birthday party was postponed but we were still able to celebrate on Friday with our families. Aaron's parents, sister and her boyfriend had come down from New Jersey and my parents and one sister were here as well.

We headed over to my sisters for a yummy flank steak dinner, presents and of course cupcakes. I think they were a little unsure as to what to do with the cupcakes-we have let them have virtually no sugar this first year. Jackson quickly figured it out and destroyed the entire thing icing and all-he was crazy the rest of the night. Riggs threw half of hers on the floor so he didn't get as much which was probably good since she was not feeling great. We were also able to celebrate Aaron and my Mom's birthday since they were Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

The twins were troopers through it all even though they were not feeling great. We had a great time with our families and are excited to have their party next weekend.

Enjoy the pictures there are a ton!

Smash Cupcakes!

Couldn't get a picture where they both had their hats on.

Jackson inhaling the last bit of icing.

JackJack was so proud of himself. Poor Potamus looks pitiful.

Sugar High!

Presents-check out my cool Clemson hat Riggs got me!

Tailgate chairs for Aunt Siri Aunt Melissa, Uncle David, Cousins Luke & Grayson!

Our first wagon ride.

Matt, Sarah, Siri & Aaron.

Grampy, Grammy, Granddaddy & Nana.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

I had no idea their birthday and BG's were so close!! Happy Birthday to your little ones!!

Heather said...

Happy birthday little cutie patooties! Hope they are feeling much better next weekend!