Thursday, June 21, 2012

8 Little Teeth

One thing I was so excited about with having twins was that they would have a built in playmate from day one. I love watching my babies chase each other around the room and laugh-it is such a special bond between them. As with any relationships there are giggles and tears. We have entered a new phase with the twins "play" and it is one that I was not ready for and really don't know how to handle. We have BITERS! It started a few weeks ago when we found 8 perfect teeth marks on Riggs' arm. They have nipped at us before but never left marks like this, we were hoping it was a one time thing but the next day Jackson had a matching mark from his sister. Since then we have not found any more marks on Riggs but Jackson has been his sister's victim more than once.

Yesterday I came home to what seemed to be the worst offense so far. Riggs bit Jackson twice on the face. It looked like he had old lady lipstick on his cheek.

We are trying everything we know to discipline, but it is so hard. I feel  like they are at an age where they really don't understand it is wrong. We try and catch them before it happens but they will be playing sweetly and then one is screaming with their arm hanging out of their sister's mouth. I feel like this is hitting earlier than with most because they are twins and they are always together, but maybe I am wrong.

So far they have not gone after anyone other than us and our Nanny Staci, but I am terrified they will bite a friend in nursery at church.

HELP! Have any of you gone through this? What did you do? How did you make them stop? I want to teach them it is wrong but not sure what to do since they are only 14 months.


Mary said...

I am having he same problem with my twins! They will be a year on the 6th. They have even drawn blood from each other. I'm at a loss as to what to do. Too young to disciple but they are hurting each other. I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had my girls bite each other, but they have bitten us. Whenever they do it, we immediately yell, "OW!" so it startles them and set them down and say "No Biting." Maybe if you can catch them biting the other you can yell OW and startle them and then remove the biter and set them a ways away?

Coakley's Journey said...

Ugh I was scared of this. My girl has started biting. I catch her bending down to bite on Jacksons legs or if I put my hand down she bites it. I thought well she just does it every once in a while but I can see it getting worse. Poor guy his face looks horrible. I have always heard bite them back so they know how it feels but I dont know how I feel about it. My friends swear by it but let me know if you find another method.