Friday, April 27, 2012

Lions, Giraffes & Monkeys Oh My!

Last Saturday after we took some pictures in the park we headed over to the zoo! While it is not a huge one with a ton of animals it is perfect for our little town. It is actually quite amazing that a town our size has a zoo. You could spend an entire afternoon at the zoo or you can get through it in about an hour for just a quick family outing. We had a fun time with the twins showing them the animals and can't wait to go back and spend more time there. We decided to get passes so we can visit many times this year! The best part of the membership is that is reciprocal with many other zoos around the country, so we can visit some of the larger ones close by for free.


Riggs & Jackson checking out the Giraffes.

The best part of being a small zoo is the animals are so close!

Jackson was not to excited about sitting on the lion.


Little Alligator for Staci!

Flamingos! How do they stand on one leg?

Riding in style!

Mr. Goat in the petting zoo area.

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