Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Egg Hunts

This year we had 3 Easter Egg Hunts we attended. While the twins weren't able to do a lot of "hunting" we still had a lot of fun at all of them. I had fun making them cute Easter pails for these hunts!

Our first one was with my Upstate Moms of Multiples Club. We had a great time hanging out with other twins and even a few triplets. This club has been a great resource for me this year as we have learned the ropes of having multiples. The social committee did a great job putting it all together. There were 3 hunts for the various age groups, fun on the playground, bubbles and a hotdog lunch. Jackson found a prize egg (well actually we found 3, but shared with our friends) and they both loved picking up the eggs and of course they went right into their mouths! I think we learned at this hunt that Riggs will be better off wearing a bubble instead of a dress so she can crawl around easier.

Sibling Love!

Checking out her eggs.
Sweet Jackson.

Some of our twin friends and their parents.

A Riggsapotamus on a Hippopotamus.

Our next Easter Egg Hunt was at our church. The weather was rainy so it was moved inside we we still had fun with our friends and got lots of eggs!

Riggs playing with Brynlee & George.

Silly Jackson with his egg nose.


Jackson & George playing with their spoils.

Looks like Riggs stealing an older kids basket.
Finally we went to my parents hour for their annual Easter Egg Hunt on the day before Easter. This has become quite the event for all. Their is a hunt for the younger adults (us) and then one for the kids! We were came home with a huge bowl of candy and about 30 bucks in coins. We had a fun time spending the day with family and friends. Jackson and Riggs love hanging out with their big cousins Luke and Grayson. We didn't get many pictures for this since we were busy keep up with the twins, but here are a few as they check out their hunting success!

Riggs checking out her bucket of eggs.

Jackson checking out his.

Jackson checking out Riggs' bucket.