Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Sunday

This year was the twins second Easter but the first one where we could go to church as a family. Last year they were tucked away in the NICU since they were just over a week old.

I was so excited to be able to make their baskets-I tried to be very practical and get stuff they would need even if it wasn't a holiday with a few cheap fun things. They were filled with food pouches, goldfish, bubbles, bunny ears, bath toys, pajamas, sunglasses and a skirt for Riggs, socks and shorts for Jackson, sidewalk chalk and a bible to share. They were so cute as they looked through their goodies that morning before church.

Look what the Easter Bunny left the twins!

Checking it all out, of course Riggs is in Jackson's basket.

JackJack and his bunny ears.

Riggs was not a big fan of the glasses
After we enjoyed the morning we got ready and headed to church. The twins had had colds all week so we decided to skip Sunday School to make sure they did not share with any of the other babies. I had been so excited about their Easter outfits, I had gotten them about 2 months ago. On Friday I decided it might be a good idea to try them on-of course both were huge. I spent the weekend trying to figure out what to do-even looked for new ones. In the end I was sewing their clothes on Sunday morning so they would fit better. I think the cinching worked and they were so adorable.

We headed off to church so celebrate the real reason for the day our Risen Savior. I was hopeful I would actually get to sit through the sermon but knew that might be hard since we did not feel we should put them in nursery and Riggs is not able to stay quiet or still enough for church. We made it through about 3 songs and then made our exit to the lobby for the rest of service. During this time Riggs spent the better part crawling around a spitting up her milk. We had just switched them to 100% milk and we learned that morning she has an intolerance and right not can't handle it. During church I think she spit up 6 times-I had no idea how fast milk curdled-this was the worst thing I had ever smelled worse than throw-up. After Aaron and Jackson joined us we decided it was best to get her out of her dress and try and wash it for some after church pictures, the smell was sickening. Aaron took care of this and ran it out to the car so it could dry in the sun. While he was gone I was corral both as they crawled around when Riggs spewed again. As I was cleaning this up Jackson took off towards the worship center doors-of course church ended right then and the people started flooding out. I was stuck wiping up R's mess so I  could not grab him and there was no one I knew around to ask to help. Luckily one lady saw what was going on and offered to grab him so he didn't get away or get trampled.

We left church and went to one of our favorite restaurants in downtown, Smoke on the Water, had a great lunch with Staci, Charlie and Haley and then tried to get some pictures in the park. Well as you can imagine at this point the twins were well past their nap window and this was not too successful, but we were able to snag a few cute one.

My Easter Babies!

I love a boy in a boytie!

Sweet little girl!

The best we could get, we didn't even try a picture of all 4 of us.
I have learned holidays with little ones are exhausting but such a a joy as well. While I know they did not get a lot out of Easter this year in the future we want to make sure they understand what the true meaning is. It is not about the egg hunts and the candy, but about Jesus who died for our sins and rose so we could have eternal life.

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