Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seven Months-November 13th, 2011

Seven months quickly snuck up on me and here we are over a week late finally documenting all you have done this month.

You both are developing more and more personality every day. You are so different and it is so neat to watch how you each grow and develop on your own schedule. This month we don't have any official stats since it is not a doctor's visit month but you are both growing and becoming such big babies. The other night we got out a preemie outfit and just stood there in wonder of how you were ever that small.

This month we have been working on solid foods. Riggs you picked up on this a lot quicker than Jackson as you have most things but now you are both eating 2 meals a day so far your diet includes green beans, carrots, squash, oatmeal, apple sauce and Riggs you have had sweet potatoes. You are both into 6 month and 6-9 clothes but can still wear some 3-6. You are both long so you seem to outgrow the length first. Jackson you still have a pound or two on your sister which is funny because she tends to eat more than you but I guess she burns more calories since she is more active.

Jackson you have started rolling over or so I have been told. You are not like your sister who when she learned this trick could not be stopped. You can roll over but choose not to must of the times which goes hand in hand with your laid back personality. I however have not see this trick so I just have to trust everyone else. Riggs you are on the move nonstop. We have to watch you or you are into something that you shouldn't be-your new fascination is computer cords. You are not crawling yet but I am sure we will be putting that in your 8 month post.

Jackson you still have two teefers and Riggs yours has not broken through yet but I know it will any day. Jackson you are a bit more needy but we love you just as much. You don't like to be left alone and are a bit of a pill to get to bed. You used to do so well but I think with your reflux flare up last month we are going to have to work on your sleeping habits. Riggsy you are miss independent just like your momma you will go right to bed with no help and you can play for hours by yourself. For the most part you are going to be around 7:30 or 8 and getting up maybe once during the night and sleeping until around 7:30.

Your daddy and I are so blessed by you everyday and love you more and more with each one that passes.

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