Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Dedication

On January 29th we had our annual baby dedication at church. As you would imagine this year was a little sweeter than those past as we were able to present Jackson and Riggs before the church and ask for their prayers and support as we raise them to honor and love God.

Since we do this once a year there was quite a few babies to be dedicated. In 2011 our church was abundantly blessed with new lives-15 sweet little names were called and dedicated. Jackson and Riggs are going to have so many friends to be raised in the church with-we are so thankful to have such a community to to through this season of life with.

Each baby was called and a picture collage was shown as they were present with a scroll and bible by two of our elders. Little hands quickly grabbed the scrolls so I would say they are less than perfect now but still a special reminder of the love and support we have from our church. The twins did a great job throughout the dedication-we were babies 4 and 5 so there many to follow us. Riggs was a little restless and thought it was fun to pull Noah's mommy Cara's hair during the event-sorry Cara!

Jackson and Riggs being presented their bibles and scrolls by one of our Elders.   

Watching all the other babies get announced.

Sweet Brynlee cried the entire time. Preachers Kid!

Riggs pulling Cara's hair during the prayer.

We are so thankful to have such a great church that loves our babies and is there to support us in the most important task we have as parents.

One other fun little treat, Jackson and Riggs made the cover of the bulletin!

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