Thursday, February 2, 2012

9 Months-1.13.12

It seems every month I am getting later and later on writing these posts-I guess as the two of you grow life is getting busier and busier.

This was a huge month for you both. You got to celebrate your first Christmas (which I have yet to document) went on a 12 hour road trip, Jackson got his helmet off and Riggs started crawling.

This month we went to the doctor for your 9 month check up and you both are giants! You have gone from being barely on the growth chart to the top 25th percentile in everything. Luckily there were no shots this month but they did prick your finger to test your iron levels-you were both well above the normal range and did great. After they pricked them they put band-aides on and of course you fingers went right to your mouths. Needless to say we barely made it through your weight in before they had to be removed so you wouldn't eat them. Jackson you are still our little linebackers-you weighed 21.5 pounds (78 percentile), are 29.25" tall (83 percentile) and have a head circumfirence of 18.25" (86 percentile). Riggs you are catching up to your brother weighing in at 20 pounds (78 percentile), you are 28.25" tall (73 percentile) and have a head circumference of 17.5" (67 percentile). What happened to my little girl who was in the .06 percentile? You are both wearing 6-12 month clothes depending on what it is and size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 at night to try and prevent leakage.

First attempt at a twin shot.
A little better on the floor.
And little girl is done.

You are such a big boy but yet so gentle and sweet. You make the sweetest sounds and give the best smiles. This month you got your cranial helmet off and we couldn't be happier with the success of this treatment. You have the most perfect round head of RED hair. I love that it makes you unique and is just so stinkin' cute. This month you have learned to eat so much better. We dreaded feeding you because it would take so long, but now you are a champ and there are meals where we cannot feed you fast enough! Still no crawling which I think is causing you a little frustration since you want things out of your reach-but just like everything you will do it in your own time. You are starting to stand up to your sister more and when she takes a toy from you you try and take it back. So days I wish I could read your mind as you watched her be our crazy little Riggs! One of your best accomplishments of the month was starting to sleep through the night again. You have always done pretty well but you were getting up around 3 every morning for a bottle. Mommy and Daddy finally decided we were enabling this habit and you could sleep all night if we made you. After only one night of letting you fuss for an hour and a half you are sleeping 11-12 hours some nights. You are now up to 8 teeth-I think you might be ready for a steak soon. They are all come in without much of an event and we are so thankful for that. You still love the jump-a-roo and have the quads to prove it, they are huge but all muscle. This month was a little rough for you health wise. You started out with a cold and went on Amoxacillin, after a few days you developed pink eye (still not sure where that came from), you then started to get a rash which we attribute to the amox, and then finally had to go on Zithromax because your cold just would not clear up. I would hate to think if you were in day care around germs all the time. This month you have developed more personality and are so much fun. We love you more and more every day!


You are still our crazy little girl. Your big accomplishment this month was learning to crawl right before Christmas. You are everywhere! I think you are loving this new sense of freedom. Your personality is so big and vibrant. It is a challenge to keep you still and quite which means your days of staying in church are over. I am not sure you mind since it means you get to go play in the nursery. You are a great sleeper and rarely get up at night. You steal things from your brother-little miss you better watch out because he is bigger and one day he will get you back. You seem to have no fear which is unsettling as you become more and more mobile. This along with your independent spirit is going to give us many grey hairs and sleepless nights. You feed yourself your bottle and don't want help-I love this but miss snuggling with you too. Your smile can make any day better. When daddy and I come in from a long day at work you immediately look at us and shoot us the biggest two tooth smile in the world-how can we help not smiling back. You love your dolly and have almost pulled off one of her legs-but your favorite toy is whatever brother is playing with at the moment. I have a feeling we are going to have to have a lot of talks about sharing. While you like to bully him you also love your brother to no end. Since day one you have always wanted to be close to him, I hope you always look at him this way. You have been such an easy baby-you rarely cry or get upset. You do not wear your bows as well as you used to but we are working on that because momma loves her baby girl in big bows! I can't wait to see what you are into next because once you decide you want to do something you do it perfectly! You melt your momma and daddy's hearts everyday and we love your more than we could have ever imagined.

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