Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hey Santa!

This weekend we took the twins for their first trip to see Santa. We had battled if we wanted to pay for the pictures-I mean a minimum of $23 is kind of steap-but we knew if we didn't we would regret it in the years to come.

We ventured out to the mall around 11 on Saturday-our plan had been to leave by 9-to join the crazies at the mall. The experience was a little surreal. As we approached the exit off the highway there was no back up of cars. We quickly found a parking place and made our way in. We expected to get to Santa and wait for an hour at least. I had not dressed the twins in their outfits because I felt we would be waiting and did not want them to spoil their clothes. We got to Santa's village and there was only a few people in line. Aaron went over to make sure we were not missing a big line from the other direction. We could not believe this, so we quickly dressed the twins and got in the short line for their first Santa experience. Of course as soon as I got them dressed Riggs spit up her oatmeal on her pretty dress, luckily it wiped off well and she looked perfect for the pictures.

The twins were perfect. We did not get any huge giggly smiles but look at that cuteness. And NO we did not put their hands like this they did this on their own. Melt a Momma's Heart! By the way check out Jackson's shoes-they have tassels.

I loved our Santa he did such a great job holding the babies and thought he looked perfect. We did have a little beard grabber (Riggs) that I think threw him off for a minute especially since both hands were full, but luckily he did not throw them on the floor when that happened.

We were very pleased with our first of many Santa experiences and felt that it was worth every penny!


Staci said...

i'm glad that you decided to update your blog while i'm stuck in the car because i really needed something to entertain me. also if you can make copies of this picture i obviously need one.

Heather said...

The twinsies did so good! They look adorable. :) We had pretty much the same experience today.

Kelly said...

What a cute picture!! Sadly, we didn't take Max and Claire for an official visit with Santa :( We did get a picture at a sports store with a skinny santa and tennis rackets in the background!

p.s I tagged you on my blog!

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