Friday, August 26, 2011

Grad School Graduation

On Saturday August 13th Aaron made a great accomplishment in life, he graduated from Clemson University for the second time with a masters in Professional Accountancy. Hopefully in the next year or so I will be married to a CPA.

Aaron did his undergrad in finance and has worked in many different areas most including construction and real estate since then. However with the economy in such a great state, that perfect opportunity had not come about. Last spring we decided it was a great time for him to return to school for a maters. The great thing about this program is that is only one year. He started last August and graduated this August. He is now in the process of the job hunt and taking the CPA exams.

Empty coliseum floor before graduates entered.
Waiting in line to walk in.

Aaron shaking President Barkers hand.
Aaron shaking the dean's hand.
While Aaron was not 100% keen on walking but I made him-I wanted the pictures and memories of this event for our little family. I thought it was such an important time to show all he accomplished in the last 12 months. Right after he started classes we found out we were pregnant with twins and then in April brought home 2 newborns right when he was in the thick of it all. I could not be more proud of how he handled this crazy time in our lives.

Graduate and Babies!
Our proud family and an unhappy little boy.
Daddy and Jackson in their matching Clemson hats!
Staci graduated too!

After graduation we went to downtown Greenville to eat lunch at Smoke on the Water with the Turners and Aaron's mom and grandmother. We were able to make a quick trip to our amazing park and get a few great pictures! 

The Turners!
Jackson was just too cute in this picture not to post.

I think this is my favorite picture of these two yet!

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