Wednesday, August 24, 2011

4 Months-August 13th 2011

Your 4 month birthday was one surrounded with lots of excitement-Daddy graduated from grad school at Clemson and it was Granddaddy's birthday!
You two are growing so fast I can't believe that you have only been here for 4 months. It is if you have always been here I can't remember what it was like before you were born because everything is so much better now.
Your personalities are getting so much bigger you both smile and giggle all the time. It melts my heart every time you give me that big grin. I could be having the worst day and those gummy smiles make everything better. You are both officially sleeping through the night-Praise the Lord! Your normal wake up time is 7:30 which I think is perfect. We are still swaddling you both in your miracle blankets and they seem to make you sleep well. You love to watch TV and are still completely obsessed with the fan. You both are so strong. You are holding your head up better and better each day. We got you jump-a-roos this month and you seem to be liking it more every time we put you in there. The first few times we put you in-Jackson you would stare at sister in the swing. It was like you were trying to figure out why you were stuck there and she got the swing. We have fixed that issue and now have two swings as well. Now we don't have to give it to the one who cries louder or more (Jackson), you each have your own which makes us all happier. The more you go in the jump-a-roo the more you like it and interact with the toys attached. Riggs you loved the jump-a-roo from the first time, you are kind of small for it so we have blankets wedge every which way. You are our mover and shaker so this is perfect for you to get out some of that energy. Sweet Riggs you are so close to rolling over you will get up on your side and just lay there. I know that will be your new trick any day.
Jackson  you have continued to have PT once a week for your neck. You are doing so great but the therapist says that with your head shape you are fighting an up hill battle when you are laying-no matter how strong you are it automatically falls that way. We are starting the process with a consultation to look at getting you a cranial helmet to help reshape your flat spot.

You both still spit up a good bit, Riggs you more than Jackson but it does not seem to bother either of you too much. Jackson you are still taking Zantac but I really feel we could ween you off. You both eat 6 ounces 5 times a day with a few 1 or 2 ounce snacks as needed-you are getting about 50-50 milk and formula. You are wearing size one diapers-Little Girl still has some room to grow but Mr. Man you are about maxed out and are phasing into size1/2. You both are wearing predominately size 0-3/3 month clothes but Jackson you can fit into some 3-6 months and Riggs you can still wear some newborn pieces.

You both made progress this month in moving up the chart a little bit on your stats.

You have grown so much you are momma's big boy. You weight 14 pounds 8 ounces putting you in the 30th percentile (you were 9th at 2 months). You are 24.25 inches long-14th percentile-growing 2 1/4" inches in the last two months. You have a big head like your daddy it is 16.5 inches around and in the 59th percentile.

You are getting so big, you are still a lot smaller than your brother but not the tiny girl you used to be. You weight 12 pounds 8 ounces putting you in the 16th percentile (you were 1st at 2 months). You are 24.25 inches long-40h percentile-growing almost 3 inches in the last two months. Your head is 15.5 inches in circumference and in the 27%.

We think you are doing amazing to have been born almost 6 weeks early. If we look at  your stats based on your adjusted age Jackson you would be in the 76 percentile for weight and Riggs you would be in the 61 percentile. You both are just perfect!

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