Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March of Dimes March for Babies 2012

From the day we found out we were having twins we knew our risk of complications during pregnancy was doubled. However the twins’ pregnancy went perfectly until April 12th when I went in for my routine 34 week appointment. I went through the normal check in procedures and quickly knew something was off when they took my blood pressure. I was sent back to the waiting room and after a quick text to my sister (who was admitted for high bp with our niece Grayson) and a little Google on my phone we knew my numbers were way too high. Once I got back to see the doctor and they retook my pressure and we were told that I was being admitted to the hospital for symptoms of preeclampsia. We rushed home got packed and head to GHS not knowing what to expect. That day they began monitoring and running test that would confirm my preeclampsia diagnosis. I settled into my new home in the highrisk OB not know how long I would be there. The next morning my OB came by reviewed the information and told me I would not deliver that day but probably would be soon, he also was going to refer me onto a high risk OB for consultation. About a half anhour later they came by and talked through a few things with me and decided that their recommendation was not to wait for the final test results as my BP was continuing to rise and that I should deliver as soon as possible to do possible complications I could encounter. At that moment we knew my easy pregnancy was over and one of our worst fears had come true-the twins would be born premature. We were thankful I was past the 34 week mark a vital milestone in their development but still had many fears of what this meant for our babies.

At 4:30pm on April 13th I was wheeled to pre-op for my c-section that was to begin at 5pm. Due to their prematurity we knew once they were born they would immediately be taken to the NICU to be cared for by a special group of doctors and nurses. At 5:23 and then again at 5:25 we heard the most amazing sound in the world-first the cries of our Jackson and then of Riggs. Aaron and I were able to quickly hold and kiss Jackson before he was taken away, however Riggs was having a little more trouble breathing and was vented and quickly shown to us as they took her away for extra care.


Holding Riggs for the first time.

Holding Jackson for the first time.

First picture together at 6 days old.
This started our 16 day stint in the Greenville Hospital NICU.  After about 12 hours Riggs’ breathing had improved and she was taken off the vent and from that moment on their main purpose was to grow and learn to eat so they could come home. While this time was met with a roller coaster of emotions Aaron and I were always very thankful for those who attended to the twins. On April 28th Riggs and April 29th Jackson graduated from the NICU and finally came home.
Welcome Home Riggs! (Thursday 4.28)

Welcome Home Jackson! (Friday 4.29)

Reunited kisses!
 This year on April 28th exactly one year after we brought them home, our family will be participating the March for Babies with my local Moms of Multiples Club. March of Dimes is an organization that is very special to our family as we got to see first hand how they care for the babies and the families in the NICU. We know we have been abundantly blessed with our twins and know that there are many families who go through many more trials due to premature birth. We are hoping you will help us celebrate Jackson and Riggs first birthday by honoring them with a donation to the March of Dimes Walk for Babies. You can click on the button in my side bar to help support this charity as they continue to fight for these little babies!

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