Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to Work

Last week came a day I had been dreading for a long time-my return to work. The week before we pretty emotional for me as I would feed or hold the twins it would hit me that these special times would soon be limited to nights and weekends. I have always known that I wanted to be a mommy but never knew how truly amazing it would be until Jackson and Riggs made their appearance into this world. At this time it just does not work for our family for me to be able to stay home full time with the twins. I have a great job at a great company and returning was a must.

Monday morning I had a few moments but once I walked out the door I was fine. I know I had many prayer warriors that day and the days leading up to this moment. I expected the week and especially that day to be an emotional roller-coaster, I was so thankful for the peace I had about it all.

I am sure it will really hit me when I have to drop them off at daycare for the first time but for now it feels if everything is just how it should be. My mom and dad have been great to come and watch them the first two weeks. My dad was in Monday through Wednesday and then my mom came to relieve him Thursday through Wednesday and granddaddy will be back to finish up Thursday and Friday. I think they have enjoyed it, but I am not sure they truly knew how much work two would be. As soon as you get one happy the other one starts crying and there is only one swing. When my dad left Thursday morning he made the comment this was the first time he had seen daylight in 3 days.

I am still hopeful one day it will be possible for me to be a Stay at Home Mom but I know God has a better plan for us than me.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I have twins that will be 1 yrs old in August and I too had to go back to work, it was hard but once we all got into a routine it has all worked out, you will see that being able to provide for them is way better for now and in the future then feeling guilty about leaving them. Mine stay home w/ a nanny and their is nothing better then knowing they are at home during the day sleeping and hanging around in their own home while I am at work. The weekends are short but you just have to soak up the evenings and weekends. Good Luck