Tuesday, July 19, 2011

3 Months

Last Wednesday the twins turned 3 months/13 weeks old. I think at this point we are onto months and will no longer tell how many weeks they are. I can't believe we have already reached that point.

We don't have any official stats since 3 months is not a doctors visit month. We have done the off and on the scale with them and Riggs is around 10 pounds and Jackson is around 13. You are growing so fast and change everyday.

There was a lot that happened in this month and I think by far it was one of my favorites. You both are smiling so big-it melts a momma's heart to look at their baby and get a big ole grin back. You have started to recognize me and your daddy visually and vocally. We will be across a room and you will find us with your eyes, when you hear our voices you look around even when it is on the phone. You are sleeping around 7 hours at night which I guess technically is sleeping through the night, but we are holding out for that extra hour or two, we both know how blessed we are that you both are such good sleepers. Once you wake up around 5 we feed you and put you back to bed for another 4 hours.

You are such a sweet boy. You do cry more than your sister but I think that is mostly gas. Your are still taking Zantac for your reflux, we actually had to double you dosage since you are growing so fast. You have the sweetest grin and I could just eat you up. This month you started physical therapy for your neck. You have a weakness on your left are always looking to your right and up...and torticollis. Because of this you have developed a flat spot on the back right side of you head and we think in about a month you are going to have to get a helmet to help reshape you skull. You are in size 1 diapers and size 0-3 clothes, you are eating 5 ounces 5-6 times a day. You are not our best eater, you like to savor it and sometimes will not finish your bottle-you still like sleep over eating! Your new love in life is the swing. You will sit there and just stare at yourself in the mirror and the mobile for quite a long time-I am so glad I finally decided to set it up. You are doing such a great job with holding your head up even the PT mentioned how strong you are for your age.

Sorry so many but I love this series with the giraffe. 

You are mommy and daddy's princess. You are a feisty little girl. You never stop moving, I think that is why you are so much smaller that Jackson. You have started burrowing when we hold you. You will wiggle until you get you face hidden in our elbow and then you are content. We have to make sure you are not covering you mouth and nose so you can breathe. You are such a happy baby most of the time you smile and coo and just make me and your daddy laugh so much with your actions and expressions. We know you are the one we are going to have to watch when you get older. You have finally outgrown NB diapers and are in size 1. You go back and forth between newborn and 0-3 clothes, if it is a one piece it is 0-3, dresses you can wear both depending on how it is made and bottoms you are definitely newborn (you have the tiniest bum in the world). You are eating 5 ounces 5-6 times a day-you put your brother to shame at feeding times-such an efficient eater. You are working hard at holding your head up and are such a strong little girl.

Riggs showing off her guns!
These last 3 months have been the best of our lives. We wonder many times what we did before you. We love to take you everywhere. We have learned that the rest of the world thinks you are pretty special too so it has just become the norm to be stopped by numerous people everywhere we go so they can take a peek at our perfection.

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