Monday, October 18, 2010

The Day that Changed the Rest of our Lives.

So I guess it really is time for me to start using this blog. Life is about to change in a big way for us. First I will give you some back story to how we got to this point.

Last October Aaron and I decided that we were ready to grow our family, however this did not come as quickly or easily to us as we had hoped. Luckily I have a fabulous OBGYN who immediately helped us pursue medical intervention. We started with Cholmid and unfortunately did not have any luck with this drug, at this point Dr. G decided to refer me on to a reproductive endocrinologist. August 16th we had our first visit with Dr. F. He had some blood work done to check my hormone levels and prescribed Fermera for this cycle. This is actually a drug that was created for breast cancer treatment but has recently been used in infertility cases. Aaron and I were both optimistic about his and kept our heads up through this process.

September 13th was the infamous day I could finally take a pregnancy test. I woke up around 6 am that morning so I went downstairs to take the test...I did not want to wake Aaron. After 3 minutes I was finally able to see those two little lines I had waited so long for, well it looked like there were two lines maybe. I went upstairs to get a second opinion. Poor Aaron. I came into the pitch black bedroom bawling, he had no idea what was going on. I handed him the test and the instructions and all I said was look at this. He did not know if it was good or bad. It took him a few minutes to realize what was going on then, we both decided that there were definitely two little pink lines.

Later that morning I called the doctors office and went in to have confirmation blood work done. That afternoon I got the call back that it was positive and our little Galloway was on the way.

This was such a great day one we had waited for for so very long. While we were not open with everyone about our challenges we did have some close friends that had shared in this journey with us and it was so sweet to give them the news. I will never forget Sandy giving me a big huge and crying such tears of happiness for us.

Fast forward 2 weeks to October 5th. This was to the first time we would get a peak at our little one. The ER likes for you to come in for an early ultrasound around 7 weeks (these are not the most pleasant but so worth it). The screen came up and the doctor just said well I think you two should go to soon as he said that my reply was there are 2!?!!?!? And that for sure is the moment that truly forever changed our lives. That's right May 23rd is our due date for our TWINS!!!!

Aaron and I feel so very blessed by this awesome news but also quite overwhelmed. We know the Lord is in control and has had a plan for us from day 1. While the thought of 2 is a bit scary we know he will always provide and protect us.

We decided to wait a few weeks to tell our families since we knew we would see my family in October for Luke and Grayson's church dedication. That was a great time that deserves its own post.


Staci said...

So does this mean your going to do weekly pregnancy updates like all the other blogs...i know you want too :)
And now you have a reason to update your blog all the time...I was super excited to see an update appear in my google reader... said...

Cindy, I found your blog through Facebook. congrats on the twins! You will be a great mommy!

Elizabeth (Underhill) LeConey

Catherine said...

Hey girl! It's Catherine (the old intern from Cadmus!) I found your blog through Amy's (even though she hasn't updated in awhile!) Anyway, I was like, "I know her!" when I saw your blog. Congrats on your pregnancy! TWINS!!! That's awesome! My husband and I are expecting our first May 20th! I hope you're feeling okay and everything's going well. Congrats again!