Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Luke's Party

After being postponed for a week we final made our trek up the mountain to Boone for Luke's 3rd birthday party. Melissa had his party at Chick-fil-a since that is Luke's favorite place in the world. It was fun to meet his little friends and watch them all play together. We also got to meet Luke's girlfriend Peyden-she is precious. Later I asked Luke while we liked Peyden so much and his response was she makes me HAPPY!!! So cute!

It was great spending the weekend with Melissa and David as well and I think Luke has a new best friend. Aaron played and played and played with Luke-he is going to be such a great dad one day. Sunday morning Luke even asked Melissa if he could get Aaron up so they could play.

Also in my craftiness for Luke's Party I designed invitations!

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Our life.... said...

so fun! i love the way you organize your pictures! i hope yall are doing great!