Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mr. Jackson Everett & Miss. Riggs Ainsley

Last Wednesday I woke up in the hospital wondering what was in store for the day. My blood pressure was still extremely high so we were playing the wait and see game. Tuesday I had be put on no food for water after midnight in case they decided the next morning they needed to deliver the twins. Around 8 I saw the doctor and he felt it would be soon, but probably not today-we was going to consult the High Risk OB so once they decided to deliver they had the right people lined up. At this point I was given the green light to eat breakfast and continue my day of relaxation.

Breakfast came-it was terrible-I literally ate a corner of a hash-brown and called Aaron to bring me something from Panera since I was starving. 30 minutes later the High Risk OB came by and game me more insight into pre eclampsia and stated based on my current numbers she was going to recommend to my doctor that they deliver me as soon as possible. However since I had "eaten" breakfast they now had to wait 8 hours and I could not eat or drink anything during this time.

From what we could tell we would be meeting our little ones around 5pm that evening. Wednesday was a day of waiting and talking with different doctors and around 4 pm they finally wheeled me down to the OR. Since Jackson was breech and he was baby A so a C-Section was they only option for delivery.

At 5:23 PM Jackson was delivered quickly followed by Riggs at 5:25. After they cleaned him up Aaron was able to hold Jackson for about 30 seconds and I was able to give my son kisses for the first time, before they took him to the NICU. Riggs was having a little trouble breathing on her own when she came out so they inserted a breathing tube and we were only able to see her as she passed by to go to NICU.

After 2 hours in recovered I was finally taken back to my room on Magnesium this was to help with my blood pressure. It made me feel terrible-the best description I was given was that if feels like you have concrete running through your veins, but I was assured that once I was taken off this drug in 24 hours I would feel like a new person.

While I was resting Aaron was able to take a trip down to see our precious babies and bring back some pictures so I could finally see my little ones. A few hours later the nurse and Aaron wheeled me down to meet my babies for the first time. They were perfect! I really don't remember much of this but I know it was the moment my life changed forever. I could only stay for a few minutes as I felt as though I might pass out from the medication so we headed back to my room where I dreamed about our sweet family of FOUR!


Liz said...

Congratulations!!!! They are beautiful! what a blessing!

Our life.... said...

ahhhh! Cindy! BEAUTIFUL!! so sweet....can't wait to see more pictures! Praying for yall's time as you adjust to life.

....i was on that magnesium with Seth's delivery. Thankfully not with Joel. That is some wicked stuff!