Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mexico Mission Trip

July 7th-July 12th Aaron and I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip with our church and other Christians from around the country to Zorrillo, Mexico. While there we were in 4 groups and each built a house for a family from the local church. It was an absolutely amazing week. I saw first hand how blessed we are to be Americans. I actually watched a child eat a popsicle from the trash. The house we built was 16' x 20' with a loft over the back half of the house, to us this would be a shed but to them it was a mansion. I can't say I am like Aaron and want to make building a career-but I can now say I built a house no a home for a very deserving family.

The entire week was such an eye opening experience that I hope to repeat for many summers to come. Wednesday night we had the opportunity to fellowship with the local Church of Christ in Zorrillo-what an amazing time of worship. While we did not speak the same spoken language we were able to sing and praise God together in one language-LOVE. It was so amazing to me to see how little they have and how joyful they are. It really puts what is important in perspective-it is not the things or the money but the promise we have for eternity.

View of the town looking up the mountain

The children of our family-Leily and Guadalupe-they were such hard workers

House at beginning of Day 2

Their old house

Building Crew with the Family after the Dedication in front of their new house

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