Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Tomorrow will be two weeks since Aaron and I were able to buy our first home. All of the boxes have been moved but I can't say that they have been unpacked. There have been way too many distractions during this time of transition.

My wonderful husband painted our living room the day we closed, he was there until 4:30 in the morning. To top it all off since he is such a perfectionist he was not happy with it so he repainted it a few days later-it looks amazing...a warm chocolate brown, tiki hut to be exact.

I was able to get my kitchen unpacked before the mass move. I love having lots and lots of cabinets-I have managed to fill them all up with the wonderful gifts we received from those we love as wedding gifts the year prior.

Work has been crazy so it has left little time for unpacking during the week. I guess at some point we will get there. Thank goodness for our storage room (that is right a whole room with this sole purpose of storing stuff-what could be better) and our garage.

We were blessed over the weekend to have my parents come in for a visit to see the house and for my birthday. It was great. We spent Friday night at Lowes getting a grill and patio furniture. Saturday we had to take the table top back since it was busted up. We also got flowers for our mulch area out front. Saturday night we had a wonderful dinner at Soby's it was sooooo good. We then took a walk through the Park. It is amazing what Greenville had done with downtown in the last 4 years.

Sunday we planted our flowers they are so pretty hopefully I will have some pictures to share soon.

I am loving having a home, it was so wonderful Sunday to be able to just be outside in our yard and not couped up in an apartment. While there is lots to do and buy (it is very exspensive to own your first home) it is all worth it.

Well needless to say there is still lots of unpacking to do, we will get there someday.

Please come visit we have plenty of space and the guest room is set up and ready for you!

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